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Glass canopy

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steel glass canopy

steel glass canopy

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Glass canopy material list

Item Material Finished
Glass 5+5/6+6mm laminated tempered glass clear color
Metal 60x80mm Iron steel,powder coated on suface gray color or other color
Stainless steel glass canopy advantages
1, Earthquake resistance: Most of the ground floor residential or villa are slopes roof, this kind of roof body is only made of cold-formed steel structure triangular truss, light steel components in the closure of the structural board and gypsum board, formed Very strong "ribbed structural system", this structural system is very good earthquake resistance and anti-horizontal load.
2, wind resistance: steel structure of the building is relatively light weight, high strength, the overall good steel, you can resist the 60-70 meters per second wind, play a better protective effect.
3, Insulation: The main use of thermal insulation materials, with good thermal insulation function.
4, Comfort: Steel structure adopts high efficiency energy-saving system, with excellent respiratory function, which can adjust the humidity of indoor air, the roof has a good ventilation effect.