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Glass canopy

  • stainless wire glass canopy
stainless wire glass canopy

stainless wire glass canopy

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Glass canopy material list

Item Material Finished
Glass 5+5/6+6mm laminated tempered glass clear color
Fitting stainless steel 304 bracket brush finished/mirror finished

Many of the owners who live in villas want to build a garden in the garden of a canopy sundeck, counting stars in the dark, listening to rain when it rains, exercising in one's spare time and working with friends Drinking tea and chatting, the terrace canopy Sunshine Room Garden reflects the romantic sophistication and tasteful life.

1. Four walls without wall sunshine room, one facing the wall sunshine room, two facing the wall sunshine room, three facing the wall sunshine room, shaped wall sunshine room.

2. At present, the sun room on the canopy sunshine garden design includes Chinese, Japanese, European several. Chinese and European-style garden sun room is very fine, the higher the requirements of the stone, but also accompanied by expensive flowers, large investment; Japanese style is relatively suitable for general household use, More, the required materials such as bamboo, pebbles, etc. are readily available and the price is not expensive. Nowadays, the gardens rarely follow the requirements of various styles and design them unchanged. The designers usually combine several styles and appear to be diversified.