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Glass canopy

  • outdoor glass canopy
outdoor glass canopy

outdoor glass canopy

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Glass canopy material list

Item Material Finished
Glass 5+5/6+6mm laminated tempered glass clear color
Metal 60x250mm Iron steel,powder coated on suface gray color or other color
Spider 200mm spider,stainless steel 304 mirror finished

Steel glass canopy species
1, steel glass canopy
Steel glass canopy at the top of tempered glass, or laminated plastic safety glass, two are safety glass.
2, aluminum canopy
Aluminum main structure of the main structure of the steel skeleton aluminum, the top of the selection of aluminum, aluminum canopy strengths: aluminum permanent does not rust, no deformation, do not have to worry about falling objects fall smashed aluminum canopy, Aluminum canopy is the highest cost-effective steel structure, the longest life canopy, suitable for airports, banks, supermarkets, government projects, schools, hotels, villas can be.
3, steel structure PC board canopy PC
Plate canopy can be divided (endurance board canopy, sunshine board canopy) This rain features light weight, with warranty can reach more than ten years, especially suitable for greenhouse sheds, shelters, when it rains, the sound contrast noisy, this That is one of his major drawbacks.