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Glass canopy

  • iron steel tempered glass canopy
iron steel tempered glass canopy

iron steel tempered glass canopy

  • iron tube support
  • laminated glass panel
  • Product description: iron steel tempered glass canopy

Glass canopy material list

Item Material Finished
Glass 5+5/6+6mm laminated tempered glass clear color
Metal 60x150mm T shape Iron steel,powder coated on suface gray color or other color
Spider 200mm spider,stainless steel 304 mirror finished

Steel glass canopy is generally built between two buildings and serves to connect two buildings as canopy shelters or above the canopy or roof balcony at the entrances and exits of buildings to block rain or to increase usage Area, or to prevent falling objects falling at high altitude, play a protective safety building.

Steel glass canopy scope of application
Steel canopy because the glass comes with transparent material properties so very beautiful, not only plays the original rain, the role of security at the same time on the light finishing touches the role of the building, in many high-end communities, villas gardens, Building buildings, hotels and office buildings can also be used. Even if you do not understand people see such a building will feel tall, stylish, on the grade.