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Glass canopy

  • carbon steel glass canopy
carbon steel glass canopy

carbon steel glass canopy

  • carbon steel tube
  • laminated tempered glass
  • Product description: carbon steel glass canopy

Glass canopy material list

Item Material Finished
Glass 5+5/6+6mm laminated tempered glass clear color
Metal 60x250mm Iron steel,powder coated on suface gray color or other color
Spider 200mm spider,stainless steel 304 mirror finished

Glass canopy is located at the entrance of the building or above the balcony at the top, used to block the rain, wind, to prevent falling objects hit a building assembly. Design a canopy on the balcony or in front of the door, for a sudden rain but with or without umbrellas shelter from rain, and canopy design at the door, rainy days when the umbrella is more convenient, the basic role of the canopy Is the rain. Many people design canopies on the balconies to protect themselves from raining clothes and the like on rainy days.

There is a balcony above the design of the canopy in the summer, when we block the sun, but many families like to talk about clothing on the balcony above the air drying, and more when it is raining, to ensure that the sun can easily penetrate in, Only in this way can we help the family to be more helpful and help people to reduce their troubles. Now consider this point, many balcony canopy are transparent material, even a lot of direct use of tempered glass.